Chemistry - the study of the composition, structure, and properties of matter; the processes that matter undergoes, and the energy changes that accompany these processes.
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Different Branches of Chemistry
Organic Chemistry - the study of most carbon-containing compounds
Inorganic Chemistry - the study of non-organic substances, many of which have organic fragments bonded to metals (organometallies)
Physical Chemistry - the study of the properties and changes of matter and their relationship with energy
Analytical Chemistry - the identification of the components and composition of materials
Biochemistry - the study of substances and processes occurring in living things.
Theoretical Chemistry - the use of mathematics and computers to understand the principles behind observed chemical behavior and to design and predict the properties of new compounds

Chemical - any substance that has a definite composition

Different Phases of Matter:
Solids - definite shape, definite volume, atoms vibrate in place
Liquids - indefinite shape, definite volume, atoms vibrate in a rotational pattern
Gases - indefinite shape, indefinite volume, atoms vibrate rotationally and transitionally.
Plasma - indefinite shape, indefinite volume, highest form of energy, vibrate, rotate, and translate


images.jpgEach element has a unique symbol.



How the Periodic Table Works

images.jpg The Periodic Table organizes elements based on their chemical properties.
images.jpg Columns on the table represent similar chemical properties of groups or families of elements (the vertical columns of the periodic table).
images.jpg The Horizontal rows of elements are called Periods.
images.jpg The properties vary across the rows, or periods.
images.jpg The elements are classified as:
§ Metals: tend to be shiny, malleable (can change shape without cracking), and ductile (drawn into wire or thread). They are also good conductors of electricity and heat.
§ Nonmetals: tend to be brittle and poor conductors of electricity
§ Metalloids: intermediate in properties between metals and nonmetals, and tend to be semiconductors of electricity.
§ Noble Gases: Gases that are unreactive elements