What is reaction kinetics?
Reaction Kinetics is how a reaction occurs. You MUST have an Effective Collision. For an effective collision, you have to have two things.
1) You need proper orientation

2) You need adequate kinetic energy


How do we make it more likely that an effective collision will happen?
1) Add a catalyst (a substance that changes the rate of a chemical reaction without itself being permanently consumed) in order to lower the activation energy (the amount of energy required to make a reaction happen).
The catalyst lowers the activation energy, thus more collisions will possess enough energy to have an effective collision.

-types of catalysts:
Enzymes- a biological catalyst
2) Increase temperature
3) Make the substance more concentrated

Reversible Reactions- a chemical reaction that can proceed in either direction
An example of a reversable reacion occurs within the human body.
Hemoglobin is a protein that delivers oxygen from the lungs all throughout the body. The hemoglobin bonds with oxygen within the lungs and then travels to wherever oxygen is needed. Then, the hemoglobin and oxygen break apart and the hemoglobin travels back to the lungs to complete the cycle again. Essentially, Hemoglobin is a little wizard who travels from the lungs through the body delivering oxygen anywhere he is needed. The reaction for hemoglobin and oxygen is Hb+O2<=>HbO
For a helpful video about reversible reactions by a guy with funny accent, click **here**


Equilibrium is the state in which the rate of the forward reaction is equal to the rate of the reverse reaction.
Imagine a large swimming pool with a hole at the bottom. In order to keep the water level the same you need to add the same amount of water at the same rate of the water that is being emptied out.This is keeping a balanced equilibrium.

The amount of stuff reacting on each side of the equation DOES NOT matter. As long as the everything makes or breaks at the same rate, then the reaction is at equilibrium. For a helpful video about equilibrium, click **here**
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